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As an immigration center, we are dedicated to help those who are struggling with immigration and need to obtain a green card. To best help these individuals we have come up with cost plans and services that will fit in the budget of students, and work around the hours of individuals working multiple jobs. Through having reasonable prices, and workable hours, we have been able many individuals in their journey to become a U.S. citizen and simplify the process of obtaining a green card.

Free Immigration Consultation

Our first great feature is our free immigration consultation. This is a fee free service that can be handled over the phone or in person. During this consultation individuals seeking aid have the opportunity to have a conversation with one of our immigration representatives who can inform you on the best U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) form to fill out.

Walk- Ins Welcome

To help individuals with a busy schedule, we always have room for walk-in appointments. We understand that individuals have hectic home lives and most people are working multiple jobs. Sometimes it is hard to find time to schedule an appointment doesn’t disrupt a schedule. To help these individual, we accept, and encourage coming in. When find yourself with some extra time, and the motivation to work on your immigration needs, we will be ready for you.

Low Cost Services

With inflation and constant increase of life expenses, we know that it is important to offer services that can easily fit into a person’s budget. To do so, we created a flat rate service that can fit into as small a budget as that of a student. We cut out hourly fees and much of the guess work typically involved with filing immigration forms.

Comfortable environment

Best of all, we offer a comfortable and friendly office environment. We know the immigration process is very stressful and that it is very important, so we see no need in adding extra stress to your life. We offer coffee, tea, water and other amenities that will help you to relax and feel comfortable as we discuss your immigration needs.

Attorney Oversight

Along with our great low rates, we still provide a process that is overseen by an immigration attorney. The attorney is available for court appearances, and pleading cases in front of a judge. To keep our attorney’s schedule free to handle court work, our talented immigration associates handle the filing of paperwork, the notification of status changes, and much of the process of keeping individuals informed as we receive updates from USCIS.

North American Immigration Center -Immigration Specialists

We offer affordable, flat rate, immigration services to help you save money, because every dollar counts.

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