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M-1 Student Visa

The last of the three different types of U.S. student visas is the M-1 student visa. The M-1 student visa is for those who wish to study a technical skill in a program in the United States.

What is the M-1 Visa USA?

Only students enrolling in technical, non-academic and vocational program are eligible for the M-1 student visa in the United States, Some examples of the technical programs that are eligible for the M-1 student visa include cosmetology, nursing, and mechanics. An M-1 student visa applicant must demonstrate they have the ability to support themselves financially for the duration of their stay in the U.S. under the M-1 student visa program.

How long is the M-1 Student Visa Valid for?

When an M-1 student visa is initially granted, it is valid for up to a year. However, it can be renewed two additional times. Each extension will only be valid for up to one year, Therefore, with the initial visa and the two extensions, the M-1 student visa can be used for 3 years.

Can I Extend the M-1 Student Visa?

A visa can only be valid for an extension 60 days before the student’s program ends and 15 days after the expiration date. As with the original grant of the M-1 student visa, the visa holder must prove that they have the financial resources to remain in the U.S.

M-1 Student Visa Benefits

An international student studying in the US with a m-1 student visa has the first 6 months of their program to transfer to another program. If an M-1 student visa holder is past the initial 6 months of their program they may transfer to another program if they meet certain requirements.

Those requirements include:
-Demonstrate a nonimmigrant student status for the last 6 months
-That you are unable to continue at the school due to circumstances beyond your control
-You are still capable of supporting yourself financially
-Plan to be a full-time student at a new school

Can I Bring My Family on the M-1 Student Visa?

An M-1 student can bring their family to stay as their dependent in the United States with an M-2 dependent visa. Family is defined as a spouse and any minor children. However, the student will need to show financial records demonstrating that they are able to support their family members during their entire stay in the United States.

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