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我们的高等教育体系使美国与众不同。 对于到美国接受高等教育的外国留学生,有三种签证: F1 签证、J1 签证和 M1 签证。 F1 和 J1 签证有额外的好处就是当你在求学的时候能让你在美国工作。 M1 签证是不允许就业的。


F-1 签证-F1 签证是最普遍获得的学生签证在美国和是为学术学习或英语语言节目。 F1 签证的学生必须是全职学生。 然而, 它也允许在校园兼职工作。 学生在完成学业后, 还允许一年的选修课程 (可选的实际培训)。 但是, 这必须在 I-20 签证期满前完成。

J-1 签证-需要实际培训的外国公民完成他们在本国无法获得的学术培训, 可以申请 J1 签证。 J1 签证类似于 F1, 因为它允许学生工作与接近相同的限制, 只要交换访问者计划赞助商给予许可。

M-1 签证-M1 签证是为学生注册技术/职业/非学术性项目。 有了这个签证, 学生在学习期间不允许工作。 这个签证的要求是, 学生证明他们有足够的资金支付他们的学费和他们的生活费用, 而他们在这里在美国完成他们的学习过程。

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Duration of Status

At the moment, student visas are valid for a period of time known as “duration of status.” This means that international students in the U.S. can stay indefinitely as long as they maintain their status as students. Students can fall out of status by failing to maintain a full-time course of study or working without authorization, but as long as they follow the regulations associated with their student visa, they can stay in the U.S., transfer to other institutions and progress from one academic level to another. Effectively, the duration of their time in the U.S. is dictated by the duration of their academic programs.

Derivatives Visas

Holders of F-2, M-2 and J-2 visas are also allowed to study in the US provided they meet their chosen institution’s criteria. They do not have to apply for an F-1, M-1 or J-1 visa, but can apply if qualified.

J-2 visa holders can enroll as recreational or degree-seeking students, either full- or part-time, and discontinue their program at any time. They can also petition for a change to F-1 student status if they haven’t completed their academic program by the time the principle J-1’s status has ended. However, this is only if the J-1 visa holder is not subject to the two-year home residency requirement.

F-2 and M-visa holders are not allowed to work, and must secure an appropriate work visa if seeking employment. J-2 visa holders may request work authorization from USCIS by submitting form I-765.

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签证过程长达三个月多。F-1签证授予的实习培训时限为十二个月。F-1 签证的学生可申请在求学过程中使用部分或全部十二个月的实习培训, 或可节省部分或全部十二个月在毕业后使用。


  • 前期的实习培训:当学生已经在学校注册了一个完整的学时,F-1 学生可以申请参加前期的实习培训。获准参加前期的实习培训时,学生必须在校期间兼职。当学校课程结束时, 他们可以全职工作。


  • 后期的实习培训: F-1 学生在完成学业后可以申请参加后期的实习培训。获准后期实习培训的学生可兼职 (每周至少20小时) 或全职工作。
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